June 30, 2008

story time with miss bea

i have two very funny one liners from katelyn to relay to you. hopefully i can do them justice although...you kind of had to be there.......

the other day, i was reading a circus ad outloud. it read something like this..."Lewis and Clark circus, come early for elephant rides. kids are free"
later mom and i were talking about having more children or something like that. well my genius child piped up with something along the lines of "Go get one at the circus...they are free there"

saturday...amanda and i went to the parade in lewisburg...it had already started so we were rushing to get up to where her her grandma was. so i "bit the bullet" and put katelyn on my shoulders so that i could move through the masses quicker. usually i would just hold her hand and drag or i would put her in front of me and watch her every move. she must be used to both of my never-have-her-out-of-my-sight methosds, because half way down the street, from ON TOP OF MY SHOULDERS, katelyn says "dont worry mom, I am right behind you"
haha. it was very funny. maybe you "had to be there" but luckily i was=D

June 23, 2008

my new cooking blog!

ok, ok.....you arent that guilible..right? my friend sarah has this awesome blog where she puts recipies, directions, and sometimes takes pictures. she has to be the cooking queen!
anyhow.....katelyn told me the other day...."dont worry, grammy will teach me how to cook"
so i realized that i officially had failed her!
so i decided to make some brownies...not the kind from the box-which is the only kind i've made since we came back from kenya-so the other night i got to work.
i started making these brownies based on a butter free recipe i found in the mennonite cookbook...since i had no butter. i decided to replace the sugar with splenda. i figured that as long as the recipe had no shortening of any kind, i may as well make it as healthy as possible!
about this time, katelyn came into the kitchen and said "oh, you are gonna help me learn to cook" ha...right after i teach myself babe!=D well, needless to say, these brownies were especially gross.
so...not to be frusterated to easily, i plowed on. i dumped that batch, and got out more ingredients. this time i used sugar. but by the time the brownies were done...i realized that i was using bread flour.....eew...so i dumped those too. sensing a pattern?
so i waited for a day to try over. i invested in some margerine when gramma and i went grocery shopping the next day. so that night, oh, yeah..i tried again. this time i used a new recipe from a cookie cookbook...with butter. and i used actual flour. so everything was perfect as far as ingredients. we made fudgey brownies, or something like that. we had plans on who we were gonna give brownies too....the neighbors and the maillady, etc...
well...you know the ending to the story...the brownies were gross. and i dumped them. they barely tasted like chocolate...maybe i need new cocoa powder or something. I dont know, but clearly i cant bake brownies to save my life!
i think the title of this post could have been...how not to make brownies.
next time i want brownies...they are coming out of a box!!

June 20, 2008

i am currently looking for my palm charger....

so, its kind of common knowledge around our house that if something breaks...it was probably bryans fault. and that if its possible to lose something...i will. Last week I lost my bible..that is extra bad, right?! Well, since Bryan is gone, apparently it is now my job to break stuff too! i have jumped into this role head first! i bought a weed wacker...i didnt even get around the corner before i broke that! Luckily my friend april who is only 17 was able to fix it. then i broke it again. then dad fixed it. Yeah I am a wreck. the point of this story...beats me. I am thankful for people who help me. My landlords, my neighbors who mouse hunt in the middle of the night, my parents, my friends, my 16year old friend who once lit my water heater for me=D, and my husband who loves me even though i am kind of hopeless.=D

gardening..little girl style

so this is just a quick story about basically nothing....read at your own risk...but i am just trying to get caught up on the whole blog thing.
the other day, i was weeding around the house and the whole time i am weeding i am thinking "if i were a snake...this is where i would hide" yes these are the stupid things that go through my head.
well the good news is that i didnt come across said snake...but when i pulled this clump of weeds from under the porch...there was a monstrous toad staring at me...and yes, i did scream like a little girl!