March 25, 2008

everybody really does love a slinky

we had a nice easter, despite being exhausted. katelyn got probably two of the most interesting easter baskets ever. Her basket from me had a pair of goggles and seeds for planting, her basket from my mom and dad had things like silly string and a slinky. I also scored a totally cool easter basket fromm my mom and dad....nice.
silly string and slinkys were new to katelyn and she loves them now that she know what they are and what they do. She is already asking for more silly string. (I think silly string feels really gross!)
anyhow. after we got home, she kept asking for a yellow bird. I had no idea what she was talking about, but as some of you may already have guessed...she was asking for yellow peeps. I dont claim to be the sharpest crayon in the box!
we are on to a new stage of like in our house...kindergarten registration. This is exciting, but it also will be a huge change for us. Katelyn is very excited and is already thinking ahead to whether her teacher will be a boy or girl.
these are my random thoughts for the day=D

March 21, 2008

easter trauma

this was the conversation that took place in my bed this morning.
Katelyn-Mommy, what day is it
me-(incoherantly) tuesasjdhflasiuhsdflasdy
Katelyn (in a really sad voice) we missed easter?
me-what in the world did i just say?
Katelyn-That it was tuesday.
me-oh honey, i'm sorry, its friday

my poor child!
to top it all off, I ran over a rabbit on the way home tonight....hopefully it wasnt the easter bunny=D

March 19, 2008

"you're not raising a dumb kid, ya know"

i am not one to overly brag about my child. but she is very bright. yesterday our tax guy stood us up, so we were waiting in a nearby furniture store to see if he would come back, anyhow, the salesman, kept telling me how bright she is and what a fantasic vocabulary she has. What a gem she is, etc. when we met rosie for lunch, the host at the restaurant said something about her being smart too. i know that katelyn is smart, she has insightful thoughts and is very kind. she is a blessing to me and i hope she continues to be a blessing to me and to others.

March 3, 2008

odd but true

this morning, katelyn and i were playing a game of old maid, she was being funny, because that is what she does. Anyhow...she made a face that looked exactly like one of my moms expressions. very funny. especially if you really know us.....

this morning, also... when i was snaping the snaps on the back of katelyns shirt, i apparently caught her hair in one, so she says."you caught my back hair in the button" back hair? ewww ...only a huston!! =D