July 29, 2008


Its been a long while since I’ve blogged. Life’s been busy, which can be good.
We’ve had bible school...which left me exhausted and napping most afternoons. Which is pretty ironic since my 86 year old gramma was all but running the show and she didnt seem as crazed as I felt!
we attended a wedding on my dads side of the family and this weekend we are attending one on moms side of the family.
I had a root canal that was interupted halfway..it’s a long and disgusting story...but hopefully it will be finished tomorrow morning.
We also enjoyed a vacation in maryland at my cousin’s home. While we were there we got to enjoy a private beach, an inflatable house playland, a small zoo and large playground. Katelyn and I got to go to a place where we could paint our own pottery. They will glaze it and we will pick it up when we go down to janell and jeff’s wedding. We got to spend some quality time and some relaxing time with my cousins who it seems like we never see. I officially got to meet meghan, which was very nice. I didnt realize how big of a difference in ages there would be between katelyn at 5 ½ and aliza at 2 ½, but wow there was. Thankfully there havent been any terrible repercussions from the age difference. Hopefully carla doesnt mind aliza saying AWESOME. If that is the worst that we left them with...thats not bad, right?=D
So, this is what we’ve been up to, nothing too crazy=D
I think that I am finally going to be able to upload a photo....we’ll see. It is of katelyn at the zoo in salisbury.