February 29, 2008

katelyn is a genius

yesterday, we got the lace up shoes at payless. there was one style of lace up shoes there, the rest were velcro, straps, etc... So when we finally got home, katelyn was tying her own shoe within the hour. Now the tie might not last through the day, but she is so smart!

i also gained quite a feeling of accomplishment that i was able to teach her something concrete like this.

and bryan is in kyrgistan, but will leave"shortly" for bagram, afganistan.....?

February 28, 2008

payless, here we come...

sorry about that last post...it was freakishly depressing. I feel better today. not great by any means. I am so thankful for my friends. the people i know are praying for me, the people who have called, and my mom and dad.
Katelyn is a fantastic and sensitive kid. I cant imagine what she is thinking about all this. I know that i feel like if i was a better wife, or did whatever bryan wanted...maybe he wouldnt have left. But i know better. I hope she doesnt have those same misconceptions deep inside her. wow, this is getting depressing again.
on lighter news...i need to find a pair of lace up shoes so that she can learn to tie her shoes..what a big step!!!

February 15, 2008

snow day

we were able to enjoy the snow the other day. katelyn loves playing in the snow. she loves being outside no matter what. i endure being outside in the winter. katelyn s company makes it enjoyable though. she sprayed red water to decorate our "snow couch" it was cute. In other parts of our yard that were sprayed, it kind of just looks like someone bled out. i am trying to upload pictures on here so you can see, but apparently my computer is too incompetent to do that, or i am.....

February 6, 2008

the mouse in my house

so...i've decided to be the bigger person (well, the only person) and stop letting that GIANT EVIL mouse rule my house. sunday night my cats were acting so weird (weirder than the white one thinking that she is half human-half dog) and when i finally dealt with them by taking my boot away from the cat.....out jumps a GIANT EVIL mouse!!!
okay, so it wasnt rat sized, but it sure wasnt a tiny field mouse! So, needless to say, i slammed the door shut to our room and jumped on the armchair in our room in about 2 seconds flat. There i called bryan and irrationally demanded that he do something about this! Ha. I called the neighbors for a mouse trap. while on the phone, the GIANT EVIL mouse ran past again. clearly taunting me. my neigbor came up, set up the trap, searched for the mouse and left. I continued to call poor Bryan, while jumping from the chair, to the bed, to the trunk on the other side of the room! finally i took my pillow and blankets to the love seat. obviously i slept badly.
monday i compulsiveley checked the mousetraps all day. the mouse ate half the cheese...but left the trap. surprise. i bought two more traps, managed to set them with peanut butter. i only set of the trap once.=D monday night i again slept on the loveseat. I slept more poorly than the night before, and i didnt realize that was possible.
tuesday the traps stayed empty all day, and last night i decided that enough was enough. I moved back into my room. The GIANT EVIL mouse either left, or is just waiting for the right timing to royally freak me out again. my guess is the latter, not the former!
if someone had asked me last week if i was afraid of mice, i would definately have said no, but this one dared to invade my room. ......and it was GIANT and EVIL.

February 5, 2008

laugh out loud.... in church

so.. in church, katelyn and i were playing with two rubber strechy bunnies. This was the conversation between the bunnies, all ad-libbed by katelyn of course.....

girl bunny: wanna get married
boy bunny: okay
girl bunny: wait. first let me show you my moves.