April 29, 2008

much sarcasm

So, I am feeling exceptionally whiney. In the last 24 hours I have managed to lightly electrocute myself, and smash my thumb with a hammer. Obviously I have been productive and I deserve a break.....so I am going downtown to reward my self with........grocery shopping. Woohoo =D
I think the reason that I am feeling so sarcastic is because in the last two hours I have officially become stupider.
Now, I can watch a lot of kids shows....Hannah Montana is adorable and I love Handy Manny. Dora and Diego shows...I hate. But what I just watched with katelyn totally tops the charts! .......and the winner of the worst show on Disney channel is......The Cheetah Girls!
Okay.......my sarcasm is now officially over. My week doesn’t necessarily need improvement, it would just be nice if I didn’t keep hurting myself on household appliances.....

April 23, 2008

short random stories

sometimes katelyn says things wrong and its amusing....
the other day, we were talking about the crop walk... which she then refered to as the crap walk and the crab walk....in front of a high school teacher at canton.....maybe you had to be there, but it was quite amusing.....

earlier that day.....katelyn was getting married...to me....she brought me flowers and asked if i would be her waffle wedded wife.....hahaha.

twoish years ago, bryan's mom gave katelyn a talking play princess kitchen...last night in the middle of the night, i randomly hear a fake tea kettle going off and a voice saying "i love tea parties" over and over and over. I wonder what katelyn thought when she woke up in the middle of the night to her light beinig on and me unscrewing her kitchen....weird.

and weirder yet...on the way to supper tonight, i passed a guy on a bus stop bench...he was shaving his face with an electric razor.....in the middle of town....weird....

April 18, 2008

you know you're a scrapbooker when...

i want to add to the list that carla had on her blog. this is what katelyn said to my grammas optician yesterday.
"if your shirt were a piece of paper, it would be a great scrapbook design"
ha. i've created a tiny scrapbooking monster!

April 17, 2008


i am pretty much feeling content these days. Nothing exceptionally interesting is going on. Katelyn had another soccer game...she did very well, we've spent time outside...thanks to the weather! yesterday we did some spring cleaning. I purged our closets of clothing that we dont wear anymore and the amount of garbage bags that i filled with clothing to give away is....sad. This didnt include Katelyn's closet. Just mine and Bryans.
I find that i look forward to planning things and having special trips or events to look forward to, in order to break up the mundane, normal days that make up my life. But at the same time, I love my life. I like having a family and a house to take care of and i usually enjoy my mundane normal days. I am feeling verycontent and at the same time, very blessed.

April 11, 2008

the good and the bad

well, i fell off the wagon, i drank....soda. my self control was low this morning, and there was no breakfast in my tummy, so when that mountain dew said hi to me at walmart, I just knew we had to be together! But dont worry, this wont ruin everything, I will keep trying to not drink soda.

and the good is that i parallel parked for the first time in years today and I totally nailed it! i was totally high fiving myself! =D

April 7, 2008

its soccer season again!!! yay!

today was katelyns first game of her second season. the coach split the team into two. it is my professional =D opinion that katelyn was put on the lesser abled team. Well, today was morale boosting for her, because she totally rocked the soccer field! She (not the team) won 5-1. She was the only scorer. I was hoping for a double hattrick...just kidding. She played well. she was definatly more understanding of what she should be doing on the field. She made it through the whole game without throwing a tantrum/crying. just like the last minute, she was too exhausted to do anything else!
i had mixed emotions. the first part of me wanted to tell her that she was the best on the entire field and that she won the game for her team and that she was the only one out there that had any clue what she was doing. the second part of me wanted to tell her that she did well, i was proud of her and that she really seemed to know what she was doing out there. unfortunatly i went with the good mommy approach, and went for the second part, but since i couldnt control myself, i told her that she was the best on the field.
i was a proud mom who couldnt keep my mouth closed!
my other though about the soccer game, isnt origional. i forgot where i read it, but i will paraphrase it because i think there is truth to it. basically what i read was something about childhood obesity and the fact that the kids who are off the couch and on say, a socceer team...they run around for 15 minutes and then get a 500 calorie drink and snack break. why? cant they run around without a food reward.
and my thought is, why do all the parents bring chips/cheetos/etc and gatorade for snack break. what ever happened to water? and oranges or somethingg. i dont know what exactly i will be bringing, but it will more closely resemble water and granola bars/apples. makes more sense to me......
anyhow, the most important is that katelyn is the best and i love her so much!

April 4, 2008

a ton of snuggling

on the way home tonight, katelyn was awake way past her bed time and she wanted to talk. she asked me if i would still snuggle with her. i assured her that i would. Then she wanted to know if i snuggle with her when i bring her home from my parents house and she is sleeping. I said that i snuggle with her every night, no matter what. she asked me to remind her of that when she was an "indult". i asked her if that was because she wanted to make sure that i was still snuggling with her when she was an adult. she said that it was because she wants to do that with her kids, but that i could still snuggle with her when she is older, but she would be bigger, so i would have to get her a bigger bed and that i can keep snuggling with her even when she is 15!

katelyn has a cousin

so, its been awhile. during the day, i think of something to blog about, something that would be interesting to the general population, but by the time i log on...the thought is long gone!
katelyn and i made a trip to maryland to support my sister in law, renee who was having a baby. She had a boy named Callan. He is a very good looking newborn! Previously i wished that we lived near renee and gene, so that we could have a closer relationship; now the pull is even greater since there are three hustons in that family now! It is very exciting to be an aunt, especially considering the fact that i had no control over that at all. =D It is more than a little sad though that Bryan is not able to meet his new nephew. That is very unfortunate! but the trip to maryland was very interesting. we are home now, katelyn has been running around like crazy, since she was either stuck in the car, or having to try to be really calm in the hospital.

in other news, katelyn is registered for kindergarten. There were a ton of papers to fill out and some of them were very random, such as whether or not we were migrant workers and what farms we had worked on in the past 6 years.....? this kindergarten thing is definatly going to take some getting used to. she and i have essentially been joined at the hip for the last 5 1/2 years. we do about everything together. we are best buds. and now we are going to be apart. that really is a big deal! it stirs up alot of emotions! we are both happy and a little nervous for the start of the next school year!!!!!