September 23, 2008

picture day! is picture day at katelyns school. thinking back on it now, i should have realized that what that really means is that our morning routine is more likely to go awry today as opposed to any other safe, non school picture days=D
thankfully it wasnt too traumatic.
this was the first day that breakfast wasnt eaten....i think she has a fourth of one piece of toast in her stomach!
she managed to drip toothpaste all down the front of her.......apron. yeah i have her wear an apron that my grandma rhoda made for her while she eats breakfast AND brushes her teeth. to avoid precisely this type of disaster! thankfully she has no problem wearing it.
and yes, my kindergartener has the worlds tiniest whitehead....but it is there on her face. i have no idea how a five year old has a pimple, but this one showed up just at the most "opportune" time~ ha
so this has been our bizzare day so far. my guess is that since we thwarted all disaster attempts at home....she will either get splashed by a puddle....even though it isnt raining, get paint on herself, even though she doesnt have art, or fall on the playground, even though she doesnt have recess before pictures. but she's my child, so one of these things are likely to happen to my poor child. but even so, she'll still be pretty, and that one second smile is all that really counts for picture day.
At first i thought that picture day was such a big deal, i had to pick out her clothes, etc. but realistically, i have ten-ish scrapbooks behind me, filled with her pictures, i can take a picture of her in whatever outfit i want, at any time, for way cheaper. also that way, i may avoid that cheasy smile we are bound to get on the school pictures=D
i get to go help with picture day at the school today. i am glad to be going down there. i figured that i would basically be walking classes to and from, but apparently our job also includes boys who desperatly try to create mohawks in the bathroom minutes before picture time....ha.
this should be fun............

September 10, 2008

our newest stage of life..kindergarten

So…kindergarten! Wow. It has been crazy, but probably in the way that it should be. We’ve been inducted into that new elite group of back to school shoppers. Which wasn’t really too exciting….kindergarteners don’t need that much! Just a lunch box and back pack. Thankfully Katelyn let me get her a cute pink star jansport bag (on sale!!!) as opposed to a plastic princess backpack that might not make it past this grade! I did give her free reign over lunch boxes though….thus Tinkerbelle.
We had kindergarten orientation for about 30 minutes the day before school started. Katelyn got to meet her teacher, color a picture and I got all the information that I could ever want. It was good.
The morning of kindergarten, we were prepared. We had our new routine practiced and in place. Thankfully everything went smoothly….first day of school pictures, no spilled milk to cry over. I drove Katelyn to school. I was under the impression that a lot of parent would be driving their kids. But I was one of few. When we got to the school zone…you know, where the yellow lights flash for you to go slow…I started to say something like “here we go” to Katelyn and that is when I started to get choked up. But I totally got control of myself. She got in line with the other kids and I started to tear up again when a parent asked how I was holding up…once Katelyn was in line, I was pretty much ok, in that I knew that crying in front of her was not a possibility.
……so I waited. I waited until after she got in her class line and DIDN’T look back at me.
…..and I waited until she was out of sight walking into the school.
….and I waited until…..just kidding, once she was out of sight I was sobbing like a baby. It was rather pathetic, but it really did feel better. I managed to sob the whole twenty minutes home, plus at least fifteen more inside the house and while hanging laundry. I was basically stopped crying while I was hanging laundry until I turned to look at the porch to make sure Katelyn was in sight while I was working outside….well DUH, she wasn’t……..because my baby grew up and went to school!
The good and the bad news is that I was crying for myself….i felt really alone now, I would be more lonely, more time on my hands, way less quality time with my little girl, etc…. the good part is that I wasn’t crying for her. Thankfully she didn’t cry, and I knew that she would be fine and that this is a normal part of life.
Since school has started, she’s done well. She rides the bus to school, and seems excited when I pick her up after wards. She has tons of little friends and seems to enjoy school. All the papers that come home seem to be right on track. Honestly she’s even done better than I expected.
So that is our kindergarten journey so far. And I will try to keep posting more regularly, a new computer might be in our future……..