May 23, 2008

still alive

we are still alive. and doing...well not as great as before, but we are still relatively fine. i will post on here sometime...i just dont seem to have anything overly exciting to post about =D i hope everyone has a nice weekend...especially if you get that extra day off!!!!

May 1, 2008

lawn mowing

so. yesterday i mowed the lawn for the first time this season. it was almost to the point where i needed to mow or get ready to make hay =D
which leads me to two short trains of thought.
1. apparently some people find mowing this common?
2. you may not think that it is possible to be bad at mowing, due to the shear mindlessness of this task, but...i am actually bad at mowing. my lawn never looks picture perfect when i am done. It always looks better when someone else mows it....which might be the point in and of itself=D
needless to say, i am not relaxed by mowing. I really do not like to mow.