January 31, 2008

the little mermaid

for christmas, we got katelyn a little mermaid outfit for her build-a-bear workshop stuffed animal. right now, katelyn is sleeping in bed, not only wearing the freakishly red ariel wig, but holding onto it with dear life, so that it doesnt slip off during the night.

January 23, 2008

jump starting a car...

this is my thought after tonight.
when a man jump starts a car, he finds another man who has a large truck and they attach jumper cables and starts his car.
now when a woman (myself at least) needs to jump a car. she finds another womans car, theyeach have a self starter in their cars, of course. neither works. after each young women call their dads, they use actual jumper cables and when the car finally starts, they cheer for each other and give each other high fives.
...or at least that is how my experience is......thanks amanda...and our dads. =D

January 9, 2008

katelyn's bedtime prayer

katelyns prayer last night was heart breaking. It went something like this...
"Dear God, I wish daddy didnt join the army. I wish he was here. help us have fun tomorrow, amen."
my poor-sweet-little-(hopefully ani-baptist) girl.

January 3, 2008

i'm a little pee pot

this is my first post on here. i hope that i actually keep up with this as opposed to other sites i've had. i figure since i have relatives on here that seem to like this site maybe it'll work for me too.
The katelyn incident that most recently left me laughing occured yesterday....
As i was walking past the bathroom, where my tiny princess was happily peeing i heard her singing...(to the tune of i'm a little teapot, of course)..."I'm a little pee pot."
Haha. I have no idea where that came from!